Call Your NY State Reps to Demand Fair Elections!

For the first time in many years, there is new and different leadership at the State Capital in Albany. The New York legislature is officially back in session, and now it is critical that we demand our lawmakers fix our broken election laws.

For too long real estate and hedge fund billionaires have used their money to block progress in Albany. It’s past time to make Albany work for all New Yorkers, not wealthy special interests.

The people of New York want tenant protections, education equity, decarceration, health care for all, and climate justice, but we must fix our democracy first. We need voting rights, like automatic voter registration, and we need a campaign finance system that values small donors first, not big checks from lobbyists.

The Fair Elections for NY Campaign has created a hotline that will transfer you to your elected representative, or the office of a Senator or Assembly person who is in a key position to make a difference on these issues: Dial 866-864-8567

Tell the person who answers the phone:

There’s no excuse not to fix our broken democracy. Pass voting rights and a small donor public financing system early in 2019.

Then, please fill out the form at to let them know how your call went!