CD-19 Candidate Endorsement Process

We are pleased to announce that Ulster People for Justice and Democracy is now accepting applications for our 2018 CD-19 Endorsement.

To help us decide which candidate to endorse for CD-19, we are asking all challengers who are interested in our endorsement to complete our endorsement form. Please see here for instructions.

Our screening committee will contact applicants following receipt of the questionnaire to arrange a personal interview. The committee will make a recommendation based on platform support and viability as a candidate. Final endorsement decisions are determined by a vote of our voting membership, and may be coordinated with other NYPAN chapters in the district.

Although we have requested that the forms returned by February 15, we hope to accomplish our review of candidates as quickly as possible. Please contact Bill Barr, chair of the screening committee, at with any questions.

About Ulster People for Justice & Democracy

Ulster People for Justice & Democracy is platform-based political organization, unaffiliated with any party, that evolved out of the grassroots group Ulster County Volunteers for Bernie (aka Ulster4Bernie).

As Ulster4Bernie, we coordinated the petitioning effort in CD-19 to get Senator Bernie Sanders on the NYS Primary ballot and secured more signatures than any other Congressional District in New York (February, 2016) and sent two delegates for Bernie to the 2016 Democratic National Convention (July, 2016). We then elected one of those delegates to represent the 103rd Assembly District on the New York State Democratic Committee (September, 2016).

Now as Ulster People for Justice & Democracy, we aspire to bring the energy, enthusiasm and practical experience honed on the Bernie campaign to answer Bernie’s call to “start engaging at the local and state level in an unprecedented way.”

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