CD-19 Endorsement Questionnaire

Thank you for seeking the endorsement of Ulster People in your campaign for public office.

Please submit your application by February 15, 2018.

Download form (PDF)


To help us decide which candidate to endorse for CD-19, we are asking all challengers who are interested in our endorsement to complete the attached endorsement form. Our review of the forms received will be followed by personal interviews. Although we have requested that the forms returned by February 15, we hope to accomplish our review of candidates as quickly as possible.

Please download our endorsement form (PDF). You may complete it digitally using Adobe Acrobat (PC/Mac) or Preview (Mac). If you have trouble filling out the form digitally, please print it out and complete it by hand, then scan it in.

Before sending the form, “save as” with your last name in the filename (“UPendorsementformLASTNAME.pdf”), then email it to

You may also add a resume to the email if you feel that would help us know more about your candidacy.