2017 Ulster County Legislature Election

Vote Local for a Just, Prosperous, & Sustainable Ulster County

Our County Legislature makes decisions that affect our daily lives—from infrastructure, policing, and public health, to our environment, economy, and rights.

Ulster People is proud to endorse 13 candidates for Ulster County Legislature (UCL) who, if elected, will shift the balance of power and make real change possible:

  • A thriving and inclusive local economy that supports ALL our residents — not just a few.
  • Protection of the rights and well-being of the most vulnerable among us.
  • A healthy, sustainable environment for now and generations to come.

Ulster People has endorsed the following candidates for UCL:

* Incumbent
† Running Unopposed

How To Find Your County Legislative District

  1. Visit the Ulster Board of Election’s Polling Place Lookup
  2. Enter Your Information & click “Lookup”
  3. Your County Legislative District is listed under the heading “Related Jurisdictions”

Help Elect Our Endorsed Candidates!

About the Candidates

From community volunteer to college professor, from Baptist preacher to LGBTQ advocate, and ranging in age from their 20s to their 60s, these candidates embody a collective commitment to social, human, racial, and environmental justice.

Laura Hartmann
Laura Hartmann: District 4 — Town of Ulster & Town of Kingston
Like so many others, Laura was inspired to get active post- November 2016, learning the political landscape from the ground up and bringing authenticity and passion to the rebuilding of our democracy.

Lynn Eckert
Lynn Eckert: District 5 — City of Kingston
As an alderwoman on the Kingston Common Council, Lynn consistently voted for justice and equality. She voted in favor of making Kingston a Sanctuary City and against the gun range in Midtown Kingston.

Jennifer Schwartz-Berky
Jennifer Schwartz-Berky: District 7 — City of Kingston, incumbent
As a legislator, Jennifer has worked for job-creation, affordable medical care, and social and racial equity. She is deeply committed to her constituents, who include residents of public housing, the elderly, and immigrants.

Glenn Geher
Glenn Geher: District 12 – Town of Plattekill
A professor at SUNY-New Paltz and founding member of Move Forward New York, Glenn will work for family friendly solutions to immigration issues and sustainable economic development in Plattekill and all of Ulster County.

Andrew Zink
Andrew Zink: District 14 – Town of Shawangunk & Town of Wawarsing
Andrew represents the new generation of emerging political activists. He combines a commitment to economic development in southern Ulster County with a passion to protect the health and beauty of our mountainous region.

Andrew has also received the endorsement of Our Revolution.

Julius Collins
Julius Collins: District 15 – Town of Wawarsing & City of Ellenville
Julius serves as a pastor in Ellenville, runs a soup kitchen, chairs the board of the local hospital, and has long been an effective advocate for the most marginalized and vulnerable in his community.

Tracey Bartels
Tracey Bartels: District 16 – Town of Gardiner & Town of Shawangunk, incumbent
Tracey is an especially fierce fighter for the environment and criminal justice reform. She has delved deeply into budget waste and equity, and thoroughly researched solutions.

James Delaune
James Delaune: District 17 – Town of Esopus & Town of New Paltz, incumbent
As legislator and Executive Director of the Orange County Land Trust, Jim has worked to create affordable housing for young farmers and to use our network of woodland trails for environmentally friendly economic development.

Doug Adams
Doug Adams: District 18 – Town of Hurley & Town of Marbletown
As a member of the Marbletown Town Board since 2009 and a strong advocate for the environment, Doug was a leader in banning hydraulic fracking in Marbletown.

Manna Jo Greene
Manna Jo Greene: District 19 – Town of Rosendale & Town of Marbletown, incumbent
In addition to serving as legislator, Manna is currently the Environmental Director for Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and is working to help the Hudson Valley transition to a locally-based, clean energy economy.

Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez: District 20 – Town of New Paltz & Village of New Paltz, incumbent
The current minority leader of the Legislature, Hector believes in the public financing of elections. He is committed to overcoming institutional racism in public programs, especially in criminal justice, employment and housing.

Kathy Nolan
Kathy Nolan: District 22 – Towns of Denning, Hardenburgh, Olive & Shandaken
Kathy is a physician, public health activist, and staunch advocate for grassroots citizens. As a strong and articulate environmentalist, she was a leader in the Coalition Against the Pilgrim Pipeline.

Jonathan Heppner
Jonathan Heppner: District 23 – Town of Hurley & Town of Woodstock, incumbent
As a legislator, Jon has worked for creative economic development options such as micro manufacturing and worker-owned companies, and has fought for county-wide affordable housing and the protection of vital services.

Learn more about the Ulster County Legislature

Visit our Ulster County Legislature Web Guide for more information on how the legislature works. You can also download the packet from the teach-in.