Ulster People Endorses Strong, Rounds & Clegg!

Ulster People for Justice & Democracy is proud to endorse Pat Strong, Byran Rounds, and Dave Clegg

Ulster People for Justice & Democracy is proud to endorse the following candidates for countywide office in 2019, who, if elected, will shift the balance of power and make real change possible:

  • A thriving and inclusive local economy that supports ALL our residents.
  • Protection of the rights and well-being of the most vulnerable among us.
  • A healthy, sustainable environment for now and generations to come.

Pat Strong for Ulster County Executive 

Pat Strong

Pat Strong has shown a dedication to fighting for local jobs, restorative justice, and the environment here for decades. Strong wrote the charter of the Kingston Land Bank that turns abandoned houses into affordable housing and she advocates a county-wide Land Bank to do the same throughout Ulster County. Pat Strong helped establish a program to find housing, employment and services for ex-offenders returning to Ulster County. Since 2003, Strong has led a coalition of 23 municipalities cooperating to become more energy efficient and switch to renewable energy. Driven by her passion for service to our community, Pat Strong is fighting to bring us green jobs, training for employment, and broader social justice. Strong advocates increasing the scope of the new Restorative Justice Center and leading the county to 100% renewable energy with a focus on creating local green jobs. Pat Strong’s past achievements show her fierce dedication to these goals.

Bryan Rounds for Ulster County Court Judge 

Bryan Rounds

Bryan Rounds believes practicing criminal law is his life’s mission. In the twenty-five years Rounds has practiced criminal law, Rounds has both prosecuted and defended every type of crime that would come before the Ulster County Judge. He has argued appeals of criminal cases in both New York’s Appellate Division for the Third Department and the Federal 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, as he is admitted to practice law in New York’s Federal Courts. He has developed a reputation for being an effective, charismatic and compassionate attorney who upholds the highest standards of ethics. Bryan Rounds has a track record that has earned him the enthusiastic endorsement of Ulster People.

Dave Clegg for Ulster County District Attorney

Dave Clegg has an extraordinary career of legal service. After clerking for the NAACP in college, Clegg served for four years as a VISTA volunteer providing legal aid to the Lakota Sioux in Nebraska and South Dakota. In his 37 years here since then, Clegg has served as a defense attorney, Assistant Public Defender for nine years and Chair of the Ulster County Human Rights Commission. Dave teaches college-level classes at the Woodbourne Correctional Facility with the Rising Hope Program. As District Attorney, Dave intends to end cash bail for those charged with misdemeanors unless they are a public safety risk. When elected, Clegg states he will not prosecute low-level marijuana offenses except in extraordinary circumstances. Clegg advocates the use of Drug Court to rehabilitate people addicted to opioids. Dave Clegg is committed to changing from the current emphasis on maximizing convictions to a new system of restorative justice. 

About Our Endorsement Process

Any candidate who wished to seek the group’s endorsement, regardless of party, was asked to complete a questionnaire. An endorsement committee comprised of voting members reviewed the questionnaires. If the responses showed a strong alignment between the candidate’s views and actions and Ulster People’s platform, candidates were invited to interview with the endorsement committee, after which, the committee voted to recommend endorsement (or not). The voting members of Ulster People made the final endorsement decisions. A candidate must receive the support of at least two-thirds of all voting members to receive an endorsement.

At this time, Ulster People has only considered candidates seeking countywide office. We will soon announce the opening of our endorsement process for county legislature candidates. More information may be found at ulsterpeople.org/run-for-office.

So now that we’ve endorsed them, let’s help get them elected!

Join us at an upcoming event to learn how to get involved:


Press inquiries, contact connect@ulsterpeople.org.

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