Call Your State Senator Today for Universal Healthcare!

Today is the statewide call-in day to the New York State Senate for the New York Health Act (S4840)!

The Campaign for New York Health is asking New Yorkers across the state to call (email and/or tweet!) your State Senator today and ask them to fight for truly universal, guaranteed healthcare!

The Assembly passed the New York Health Act three years in a row. Now we need the Senate to do the same! There are currently 29 cosponsors in the Senate.* Two open Senate seats will be filled in April’s special elections, which could bring us back up to 31 cosponsors — just one away from a majority.

Why take action today? The New York Health Act (S4840) is legislation that would provide comprehensive health coverage for every resident of New York. Instead of having to worry about getting health insurance through your job, spouse, or buying it on your own, all New Yorkers would automatically have their healthcare covered by a public statewide fund, regardless of age, employment, or financial means. Everyone would have access to healthcare the way everyone has access to the fire department, libraries, and schools — public services provided without you ever having to worry about a bill.

But the Senate won’t act unless they hear from you. Please call your Senator today!

Want to get more involved? Learn more about how to support universal healthcare in NY and attend one of our upcoming events:

Thank you for taking action for healthcare justice!

*List of Senate cosponsors of S4840: