Help get Cynthia & Jumaane on the ballot!

No More #StatusCuomo

We are officially in petitioning season, and have just a bit over a month to collect the thousands of signatures our candidates need to get on the ballot. If you are a registered Democrat, we need your help!

Not sure if you are a registered Democrat? Lookup your voter registration here.

Upcoming Petitioning Events

Host an “Petition Party”

Hosting a Petition Party is fun and easy! All you need to do is hang out for a couple hours at a location and time of your choosing, help people sign the petition correctly, and maybe chat about the candidates for a bit.

You can host a house party, or ask your favorite bar, restaurant, or coffee shop for permission to use their space.

UP will handle promotion of the event, so you don’t have to worry about that – though we hope you’ll invite your friends!

To make sure the petitions are completed correctly, you will need to attend a brief training. You can find upcoming trainings on this map, or we can train you individually.

If you’re interested, please email for more details!

Carry Petitions

Would you like to carry a petition to collect signatures from friends, co-workers, and neighbors? You can get a walk-list to go door-to-door, attend a farmer’s market or other public event with a clipboard, or just gather signatures at work! Contact for petitions, training, and turf – or find a nearby petitioning event here.

Sign a Petition

If you don’t have time to host an event or carry petitions, we still want your signature! Keep an eye on the map for upcoming petition parties near you — all it takes is 5 minutes to stop by and sign!

Not a registered Democrat? You can still help!

We need volunteers to make turnout calls and texts for our events, help with data entry, deliver petition materials to volunteers, and more! Contact to get involved.

About the Candidates

Cynthia Nixon, though best-known as an award-winning actor, is a long-time activist for public schools, marriage equality, and women’s rights. She advances an agenda for a New York that serves the many, not the few: rent justice, marijuana legalization, improved public transportation, a clean energy economy, and drivers licenses for all. She has great clarity about the specifics of Albany cronyism and the inhumane consequences of austerity. She is refreshingly honest about the areas in which she lacks experience and surrounds herself with good, experienced people while leveraging her celebrity into a formidable force against Cuomo’s $30 million war chest. Just two months into her candidacy, she has deftly used her intelligence, humor, and media connections to promote her platform in ways that have already moved the conversation– and Cuomo – to the left.

Jumaane Williams has been a forceful voice on the NYC Council for affordable housing, anti-gun violence measures, fair policing, equity, and social justice. He authored the legislation that ended Stop and Frisk in NYC, and championed youth employment initiatives. He has a background in community organizing and has prioritized housing initiatives and tenants’ rights. He is also a committed immigrants rights activist. He is running to be “the voice of the people in state government,” with a vision to transform the office of Lieutenant Governor into the role of independent advocate for all New Yorkers.