Ulster People Announces 2021 Endorsements!

Our County Government makes decisions that affect our daily lives—from infrastructure, policing, and public health, to our environment, economy, and rights. Ulster People is proud to endorse 13 candidates for local government, who, if elected, will shift the balance of power and make real change possible:

Ulster People for Justice and Democracy is proud to endorse

March Gallagher

for Ulster County Comptroller


12 Candidates for the Ulster County Legislature:

What does our County Legislature do? How does it work?

  • Aaron Levine — District 1
  • John Schoonmaker — District 2
  • Abe Uchitelle — District 5
  • Phil Erner — District 6
  • Peter Criswell — District 7
  • Marissa McClinton — District 12
  • Kelli Palinkas — District 14
  • Tracey Bartels — District 16
  • Manna Jo Greene — District 19
  • Eve Walter — District 20
  • Chris Hewitt — District 21
  • Kathy Nolan — District 22


Ulster People’s Endorsement Process

Any candidate who wished to seek the group’s endorsement, regardless of party, was asked to complete a questionnaire which was reviewed by the Ulster People screening committee. If the responses showed a strong alignment between the candidate’s views and actions and Ulster People’s platform, candidates were invited to interview with the screening committee, after which, the committee voted to recommend endorsement (or not). The voting members of Ulster People made the final endorsement decisions.

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