Last Campaign Finance update of 2019

Last night, the Laws and Rules Committee tabled Proposed Local Law No. 10 of 2019: A Local Law Regarding Campaign Finance Reform. It will NOT come to a full vote on Wednesday. That is officially the last word on the issue for 2019.

We (the people) were told not to be disappointed. Tabling the legislation (in other words, not allowing the legislators to vote so we could have on record HOW they voted), was for the time being the best possible outcome. A failed vote in the full legislature would take the wind out of any forward movement, further delaying a reintroduction. It was decided that a postponement was the best chance for the future of the legislation.

It was pointed out to us that the two Republicans on the committee, both of whom have been clear about their opposition to this bill, were eager to allow it to move forward to a full vote. It was the Democrats who voted to postpone.

The reason given: An amendment to the 2020 County budget, which would have funded extra BoE staff to oversee the new program, had failed to pass in the Legislature. Two Democrats broke ranks and voted against.

So we are diappointed. Very.

Proposed Local Law No. 10 of 2019: A Local Law Regarding Campaign Finance Reform will remain in what amounts to a medically induced coma through the holidays.

Come January, the party balance in the new Legislature will remain the same 12 Dems and 11 Reps. Clearly, that doesn’t guaranteed passage of this important legislation. We need the Dems to stick together.

It’s up to us to make sure they do.

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