Make calls, knock on doors,
drive canvassers, deliver snacks…

Here’s how to plug in to the GOTV operations of UP-endorsed candidates with contested races.

Join a candidate’s GOTV efforts

Laura Hartmann: District 4 — Town of Ulster & Town of Kingston
Like so many others, Laura was inspired to get active post- November 2016, learning the political landscape from the ground up and bringing authenticity and passion to the rebuilding of our democracy.

TO VOLUNTEER FOR LAURA, contact Mike Kelly at 518-929-3546 or by email.


Jennifer Schwartz-Berky: District 7 — City of Kingston, incumbent
As a legislator, Jennifer has worked for job-creation, affordable medical care, and social and racial equity. She is deeply committed to her constituents, who include residents of public housing, the elderly, and immigrants.

TO VOLUNTEER FOR JENNIFER, send her an email and put “GOTV” in the subject line.

Glenn Geher: District 12 – Town of Plattekill
A professor at SUNY-New Paltz and founding member of Move Forward New York, Glenn will work for family friendly solutions to immigration issues and sustainable economic development in Plattekill and all of Ulster County.

TO VOLUNTEER FOR GLENN, send him a message via Facebook..

Andrew Zink: District 14 – Town of Shawangunk & Town of Wawarsing
Andrew represents the new generation of emerging political activists. He combines a commitment to economic development in southern Ulster County with a passion to protect the health and beauty of our mountainous region. He is also the only candidate in Ulster County to be endorsed by Our Revolution.

TO VOLUNTEER FOR ANDREW, contact his canvassing team by email.

Julius Collins: District 15 – Town of Wawarsing & City of Ellenville
Julius serves as a pastor in Ellenville, runs a soup kitchen, chairs the board of the local hospital, and has long been an effective advocate for the most marginalized and vulnerable in his community.  Although Julius’ has an opponent, his numbers are looking great after his decisive win in the primary. In the last few weeks he’s been out there helping Andrew Zink, running in the nearby district. UP volunteers can do the same!

Doug Adams: District 18 – Town of Hurley & Town of Marbletown
As a member of the Marbletown Town Board since 2009 and a strong advocate for the environment, Doug was a leader in banning hydraulic fracking in Marbletown.

TO VOLUNTEER FOR DOUG, send him an email.

Kathy Nolan: District 22 – Towns of Denning, Hardenburgh, Olive & Shandaken
Kathy is a physician, public health activist, and staunch advocate for grassroots citizens. As a strong and articulate environmentalist, she was a leader in the Coalition Against the Pilgrim Pipeline.

TO VOLUNTEER FOR KATHY, send her an email or call 845-688-9702 or send a Facebook message to Friends of Kathy Nolan.

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Support Undocumented Immigrants With A Quick Phone Call!

This coming Tuesday (June 20), the Ulster Co. Legislature will vote on Proposed Resolution 138, which would ban cooperation with federal immigration agents seeking to arrest and/or deport Ulster County undocumented immigrants. The passage of the resolution may well come down to the decision of a few legislators.

Please support undocumented immigrants in Ulster County by making a quick phone call to your legislator in support of Proposed Resolution 138. Please make a special effort if you are represented by: Craig Lopez (Pine Bush/Wawarsing), Kevin Roberts (Plattekill), Dean Fabiano (Saugerties/Ulster), and Mary Wawro (Saugerties), John Parete (Shandaken/Olive/Denning), or TJ Briggs (Ellenville/Wawarsing).

This will only take a few moments and is an important show of solidarity.

  1. Find your county legislator by visiting the Ulster Board of Election’s Polling Place Lookup
  2. Enter your information and click “Lookup.” Your county legislative district is listed under “Related Jurisdictions.”
  3. Once you know your county legislative district, go to to find their phone number.

More detailed instructions are available here.

Sample scripts for a phone call to legislators:

Hello. My name is _______________, and I am a constituent in your district. I urge you to vote YES on Proposed Resolution 138 on Tuesday evening. Deportation breaks up families and causes trauma and heartbreak. We need to protect our neighbors.

Hello. My name is _______________, and I am a constituent in your district. I urge you to vote YES on Proposed Resolution 138 on Tuesday evening. Deporting law-abiding residents actually makes all of us less safe because it destroys the relationship between law enforcement and local communities.

Hello. My name is _______________, and I am a constituent in your district. I urge you to vote YES on Proposed Resolution 138 on Tuesday evening. Many undocumented immigrants are hard-working members of our community who contribute to the local economy in important ways.

Hello. My name is _______________, and I am a constituent in your district. I urge you to vote YES on Proposed Resolution 138 on Tuesday evening. We are a nation of immigrants. The history of America is the history of people who fled poverty, starvation, and terror in hopes of a new life. It is who we are as a nation.

Please take the time to do this. Ulster County is a small place, and even a few phone calls on an issue have a great deal of influence.

Support Undocumented Immigrants in Ulster County